Updated:- 28/05/2024

All clubs are for S1 to S6 students unless otherwise stated.


13:20 to 13:50Just Dance Club with Mrs Scott in G132 in Bus Ed
13:25 to 13:50Guitar Group in G116 in Music
13:25 to 13:50Instrumental Ensemble in room G112 in Music



13:10 to 13:45The Simpson's Club with Mr O'Callaghan in F73
13:15 to 13:45Model UN Club with Miss Jarvis in F45 in English
13:20 to 13:50S1 to S3 Science/STEM Club with Mrs Lee in G216
13:25 to 13:50Vocal Group in room G116 in Music



13:10 to 13:45Taylor Swift Club with Miss Waddell in F86
13:15 to 13:45Juggling Club with Miss Shand in HE
13:20 to 13:45Rainbow Alliance with Mr McFarlane in Home Economics
13:25 to 13:50BGE Music Club (S1 to S3) in room G112 in Music
15:30 to 16:30Dance Club with Mrs Wemyss in the dance studio



13:15 to 13:50Doctor Who Club with Miss Allardice in F48 in English
13:20 to 13:50Karaoke Club with Mrs Dunlop in F83
15:30 to 16:20Basketball Club with Mr Dewar
15:30 to 16:30Rugby Club with Sam from Livingston Rugby Club
15:30 to 16:20Volleyball Club with Mr Taylor


Article 15 of the UNCRC makes it clear that young people have the human right to meet with friends and to join groups.

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