Please refer to groupcallPlease refer to groupcallS2 Course information evening
30/11/2116:00 to 18:30S2 Parents' evening
03/12/21All daySenior Phase Tracking
08/12/2116:00 to 18:00S4/S5/S6 Online parents' evening
09/12/22116:00 to 18:00S4/S5/S6 Online parents' evening
13/12/21 to 17/12/21All dayS2 Learner pathways week
17/12/21All dayS1 tracking
23/12/21 to 05/01/22All dayChristmas holidays
06/01/2208:35Pupils resume
10/01/22All dayS3 Tracking with comments
10/01/22 to 31/01/22All dayPractice exams (format TBC)
18/01/2218:00 to 19:00S3 Course information evening
25/01/2216:00 to 18:30S3 Parents' evening
07/02/22 to 10/02/22All dayS3 Learner pathways week
14/02/22 & 15/02/22All dayFebruary holidays
16/02/22 to 18/02/22All dayS4 into S5 & S5 into S6 learner pathways week
16/02/2208:35Pupils resume
18/02/22All daySenior Phase Tracking
23/02/2216:00 to 18:00S4/S5/S6 Online parents' evening
24/02/2216:00 to 18:00S4/S5/S6 Online parents' evening
11/03/22All dayS2 Tracking
25/03/22All daySenior Phase tracking with comments
04/04/22 to 18/04/22All dayEaster holidays
19/04/2208:35Pupils resume
06/05/22All dayS1 tracking with comments
18/05/2216:00 to 18:00S1 parents' evening