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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events at ICHS


28/02/20All dayPurple Friday
28/02/2008:35 to 08:45S5 Assembly
28/02/20 to 01/03/20All dayMaths Camp
02/03/2008:35 to 08:45S1 Assembly
03/03/2008:35 to 08:45S2 Assembly
04/03/2008:35 to 08:45S3 Assembly
05/03/2008:35 to 08:45S4 Assembly
06/03/2008:35 to 08:45S5 Assembly
09/03/2008:35 to 08:45Bruce Assembly
10/03/2008:35 to 08:45Lorimer Assembly
10/03/2009:00 to 15:00S3 Teenage Booster
11/03/2008:35 to 08:45Stuart Assembly
13/03/2008:35 to 08:45Wallace Assembly
16/03/2008:35 to 08:45S1 Assembly
16/03/2009:00 to 15:30Mitsubishi Challenge
17/03/2008:35 to 08:45S2 Assembly
18/03/2008:35 to 08:45S3 Assembly
18/03/2010:00 to 12:30BRIGHT Assemblies
19/03/2008:35 to 08:45S4 Assembly
20/03/2008:35 to 08:45S5 Assembly
23/03/2008:35 to 08:45S1 Assembly
24/03/2008:35 to 08:45S2 Assembly
25/03/2008:35 to 08:45S3 Assembly
26/03/2008:35 to 08:45S4 Assembly
27/03/2008:35 to 08:45S5 Assembly
30/03/2008:35 to 08:45S1 Easter Assembly
31/02/2008:35 to 08:45S2 Easter Assembly
31/02/2019:00 to 20:30Parent Council meeting
01/04/2008:35 to 08:45S3 Easter Assembly
02/04/2008:35 to 08:45S4 Easter Assembly
03/04/20All dayDress down day
03/04/2008:35 to 08:45S5 Easter Assembly
03/04/2012:20Easter Holidays
20/04/2008:35Pupils resume


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