By telephone:-

01506 280700
Then select one of the following options;

1. Reporting an absence
2. School Office

By Email:-

Who to ask for:-

  • Acting Headteacher - Mr Shankland
  • Acting Depute Headteacher - Mr McFarlane
  • Depute Headteacher - Mr Varty
  • Business Support Manager - Mrs Blyth

Arran House

  • Miss Jamieson (PTC for Support)
  • Mrs Steel (House Leader)
  • Miss Caskie (Family Link Worker)

Skye House

  • Miss Quinn (PTC for Support)
  • Mr Delargy (House Leader)
  • Ms Sneddon (Family Link Worker)

Tiree House

  • Miss MacLellan (Acting PTC for Support)
  • Miss Callaghan (House Leader)
  • Ms Laverie (Family Link Worker)


  • Miss Jamieson (Teacher)
  • Mr MacConnell (Teacher)
  • Mr Reavell (Teacher)
  • Mrs Gemmill (Pupil Support Worker)
  • Mrs Lindsay (Pupil Support Worker)
  • Ms Vaslot (Pupil Support Worker)