08 May

Good Afternoon, we hope you are all well and safe.

Just a couple of things to update you on...

P7 Transition
Our future S1's will be receiving their bags, or have already, and I know how excited and delighted they are to get them. We have also posted the next round of the transition material on the sway link, with our friendly faces section. You can catch up with that here: ICHS Transition 2020

Celebrating our Key Workers
We are wanting to celebrate all our past pupils who are key workers. We really do appreciate everything that you are doing. If you have a parent/carer or sibling who is a key worker and you want to give them a shout out you can complete the same form and in question 2 tell us your name and tutor and we will make sure they also get a shout out too!

We will do regular shout outs on our app, website and social media platforms. To share the information with us, please click here: ICHS former pupil key worker form

Progression of Learning
This is progressing nicely and classes will be up to full speed for Monday. Thank you for your patience with this and if you have any questions, please let us know. You can access all the information here: Continuity of working from home


In recognising VE Day, we give our thanks to the many people who cared about our future and the many that gave everything they had to secure it. This is equally important today as we give thanks to our carers and key workers who are giving all they have to secure a safer future. 

Stay safe.