10 May

There are still quite a few opportunities for pupils to take a Foundation Apprenticeship in your S5 or S6 year, even if you have already made your choices. I have detailed the 3 we have on offer below. Please come and see me if you want to hear more or are interested in taking one of them. With a Foundation Apprenticeship you'll be able to gain work experience alongside your studies that'll boost your confidence, give you a greater understanding of businesses and industry and get you excited about your future career.


  • Same level as a Higher (SCQF 6)​
  • Work experience in that chosen field​
  • Assessed as you go, so there's no final exam​
  • It counts as one of your entry qualifications for all colleges and universities across Scotland​
  • Supports your personal statement​
  • It gives you great insight into your chosen industry​
  • Fast track to Modern or Graduate apprenticeship

We currently offer 3 Foundation Apprenticeships in the school:

  • Foundation Apprenticeship in Business Skills
  • Foundation Apprenticeship in Scientific Technologies
  • Foundation Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care

Foundation Apprenticeship Business Skills

  • This Foundation Apprenticeship helps pupils develop the skills and knowledge they need to enter into a career in the business sector.​
  • This programme incorporates classroom-based study with work-based learning to prepare you for entry to the workplace or full-time Further or Higher Education. ​
  • It will provide you with certificated evidence of your knowledge and the skills you have developed to prepare you for future work in a business setting.​
  • Preferred pre-requisite N5 English and IT knowledge and skills​

Foundation Apprenticeship Scientific Technologies

  • The FA is in two parts​
  • Your National Progression Award (NPA) will cover:​
  • Laboratory Safety​
  • Mathematics for Science​
  • Fundamental Chemistry: An Introduction​
  • Experimental Procedures: Science​
  • You'll be assessed in real life situations in the workplace. You'll learn how to:​
  • Follow health and safety procedures for scientific or technical activities​
  • Carry out scientific or technical tests using manual equipment​
  • Prepare compounds and solutions for scientific or technical use​

Preferred pre-requisite N5 Maths, N4/5 Chemistry​

Foundation Apprenticeship Health and Social Care

  • A Foundation Apprenticeship in Social Services and Healthcare helps you prepare for a wide range of different care roles, such as:
  • Adult or children's nurse​
  • Care assistant​
  • Care home manager​
  • Residential support worker​
  • Social worker​

Preferred pre-requisite N5 English​

If you want to know more, please come and see Mr Higgins in Business Education and Computing.